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Active polymers improves its inventory efficiency and gains real-time sales visibility with the flexible Nama ERP  solution

Success story

Active polymers Factory was established in 2009 and located in Saudi Arabia. specialized in manufacturing master batch and dyeing colors for plastic products.

The factory contracted with NAMA SOFT in 2015 to use NAMA ERP in commercial and manufacturing activities.

The activities for the factory was improved upon using the different modules of NAMA ERP. as follows

Stock management

Via NAMA for stock management, the receiving and issuing of goods were organized. Inventory system is one of the most comprehensive systems of NAMA, where inventory system provides detailed information about quantities, nature, and transactions for each item. You can define infinite number of warehouses that may contain infinite number of locations. NAMA provides all documents required for issuing, receiving, and transferring as well as the withdraw rules from warehouses, automatically generating for inventory documents, and many other capabilities supported by NAMA.

Costs and purchases

NAMA developers paid a great attention to the costing process as it indicates how much profit or loss especially in manufacturing activities. on the other hand, NAMA supports an efficient and flexible system for purchasing system, where you can display the statistics of purchases and vendors at any time. You can also, monitor the purchases process and have information about the enterprise requirements instantaneously.


Manufacturing module was designed so as to ease the manufacturing data entry as well as manipulating this data in a flexible way. For example the following:

  • NAMA helps user to determine the standard quantities required to produce the final products where you can define the quantity of raw material required to produce a quantity of final products by any way. For example, you can define 3 liter of a raw material required to produce 3 tons of final product, and leave NAMA to calculate any other quantities.
  • NAMA supports executing many operation for multiple production orders all at once.
  • You can define standard operation including all its resources and details in order to invoke this operation in the routing file directly rather than having to define the operation each time.
  • You can easily view all documents related to a manufacturing document such as receipt vouchers related to a product receipt or raw material return. This way, you can monitor any of manufacturing process details. For example, you can view all documents related to the production order via related documents tab screen.

Sales cycle

The sales process and its profitability are considered the main objective of any commercial or industrial activity for decision makers and companies’ stockholders. Sales system of NAMA was designed so as to support all sales systems including pricing systems and sales offers in addition to monitoring sales transactions and its statistics instantaneously; the matter which serves the decision maker efficiently and effectively.


NAMA system for account management contributed in increasing the company’s ability to issue accurate financial statements at the end of each period and without delay, where NAMA for accounting system has been designed according to the commonly recognized accounting rules in the Arab region; where the general ledger account could be affected directly by the transactions of sales, purchases, inventory, and also by the journal entries resultant from receipt and payment documents. This will allow you to have direct queries for the daily transactions, accounting statements, trail balances, profit and loss statements and balances sheet. NAMA also supports the function of “Financial analysis” in order to be used optionally, the matter which helps accountants to construct the relations of financial analysis and indicators of performance evaluation such as “Debt ratios”, ” liquidity ratios” , “profitability ratios”, and other ratios of financial status. All these ratios provide accurate information for the financial status at any moment; where you can create financial analysis relations for the year periods or for many years. Financial analysis relations could be also created between actual amounts and budget amounts within one year or different years.


Active polymers improves its inventory efficiency and gains real-time sales visibility with the flexible Nama ERP solution

Great thx to NamaSoft Team

Mohamed Atta
Financial Manager