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Are there automatically reconciliation methods with banks, customers, and vendors?

Yes, via bank reconciliation system, you can automatically compare between bank statement and the enterprise statement in order to reconcile the balances in both statements. By the same manner, NAMA supports reconciliation with customer, vendor, or any other individual account.


Does NAMA ERP provide a system for financial and sales budgets with comparing between actual and planned balances?

Does NAMA ERP provide a system for financial and sales budgets with comparing between actual and planned balances?

Yes, NAMA provides a special menu for budgets. You can define a scenario of planned budget for purchases account, salaries account, or any other account whether per year or per month. You can define the account budget for a certain cost center or many cost centers. NAMA also provides defining a budget (forecast) for sold items either for a specific item or a group of items (such as drugs or chemicals). You can define many scenarios per customer or salesman to record the expected sales amount for each item (or a group of items) at the level of a specific period or any of defined cost centers such as department, section. NAMA provides a mechanism to calculate the cost of the budget items, and then the expected profit.

Does NAMA ERP provide fixed asset maintenance system?

Yes, NAMA provides maintenance schedule for fixed assets, where you can define dates and times within which fixed assets should be maintained. NAMA supports displaying notification messages for approaching assets in order to set machines in standby mode for maintenance. NAMA supports defining check lists to assure the quality of maintenance process, where the quality controller has to answer the check lists to assure the maintenance process.

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Does NAMA ERP require posting documents or performing any action to know the items costs?

NAMA system does not wait for posting documents in order to calculate the items costs, as you don’t have to post documents with NAMA; rather, the cost is calculated upon saving documents. NAMA also recalculates the items costs upon modifying or deleting any old documents or even adding document by previous dates taking into account the documents arrangement and its effect on the average cost.


Can employee approve a request via e-mail?

Yes, the system allows the employee to accept or reject an approval request via his e-mail. The approval request may be sent also via SMS.

Can the enterprise send reports for specific users automatically via NAMA ERP?

Yes, NAMA provides a system to send reports for specific users. These reports may be sent as notifications that appears on the system interface, via e-mail, or SMS. This technology may be used to acknowledge the enterprise by the current balance in the banks, approaching repayment checks, approaching expiration date for items, or acknowledge employees by transferring their salaries, or any other reports.

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Human Resources

Does NAMA provide a management system for enterprise vehicles with recording all its data?

Yes, NAMA monitors all enterprise cars, where you can define each car via a specific file and determine whether this car is owned or rented as well as chassis number, color, model, consumed kilometers for each car,…etc. you can monitor all procedures performed for each car such as License Renewal, Maintenance, accidents, traffic violations. NAMA also allows charging the cost – or percentage of cost – for the traffic violation on the responsible as well as deducting this value from his salary.

Does NAMA ERP provide a transportation system for employees?

Yes, NAMA supports defining variant plans to transport employees taking into consideration the dates of ride and get off for each employee.

Does NAMA provide a management system for employee’s meals?

Yes, NAMA allows multiple meals types for employees and workers. These meals vary in terms of the position of each employee and the meal time. You can create meals plans according to attendance and leaving times. You can also define cash allowance in case of dispense with the meal.

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Questions before Buy.

What is the future vision of NAMA company?

NAMA company has taken it upon itself to follow modern systems and keep up with the technical challenges, therefore NAMA ERP has been developed by the programming language JAVA that works on any operating system. NAMA also works on most databases in addition to the possibility of working on tablet devices and mobile phones. We believe that modernization and changes are one of the key features in the software industry, so we are developing according to the business required for the Arab market and new technologies that we must deal with.

Does NAMA system provide the features of multinational systems like Oracle or Axapta?

NAMA company has taken a time before designing the system to be acquainted with the competitive systems, and then chose the proper features. While implementing the program, you will notice that you have to define a legal entity firstly, and then define departments, branches, sectors, and others in addition to define the authorities of these sections, and their users like the multinational systems.

Does NAMA provide data backup service automatically, and what if there was loss of data?

NAMA advices customers to take a database backup periodically. SQL server for example, allows users to make a database backup at specific times periodically. Customer will take the risk if he does not follow this approach.

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Supply Chain

Does NAMA ERP provide a voting system for pricing item in order to have indication for pricing items?

Yes, NAMA provides a voting system that allows all sales employees to suggest prices for product in order to have information about the average, minimum, and maximum prices. This way, the decision maker can easily define the proper price.


Does NAMA ERP support price lists and seasonal prices?

Yes, User can define many pricing lists for each customer and link these prices by specific dates. NAMA supports price quotation system to apply discounts and free items per item, invoice, or customer taking into consideration the item quantity, sale date, …etc. NAMA also supports the sale points system. All these systems could be applied according to defined rules regardless the degree of complexity.

Does NAMA ERP provide a reservation system for items?

Yes, NAMA supports reserving items for customers in all sales documents optionally. For example, you can adjust the sales quotation so that it reserves its items upon saving. This feature applies on all sales documents. Furthermore, NAMA supports a reservation document to reserve quantities of some items in order to be used in any of sales documents.

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