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Marketing and customer portal



Customer is always right. Famous words express the importance of the customer in the sales process where the customer is considered the center of commercial activity and a basic substrate for sale. Nothing is easier than to buy goods for sale or provide support service for profit, but the whole difficulty lies in reaching to the targeted client and convince him to buy, then please him through after-sales service, so that the client becomes a point of  advertising  for the enterprise; consequently, increases sales opportunities and maximizes profits.

NAMA provides a CRM system for customer service through which you can record all data of the customers in addition to all enterprise activities with clients whether expected or actual customers so that no information related to marketing, sales, and after-sale services may be wasted. This methodology helps the decision maker to expect future sales and consequently the financial position within the year periods.


Full support for marketing policies

Any information related to marketing or sale could be recorded in the system, where any marketing campaign, inquiry from any person, or Improvisational call,…etc could be recorded as a CRM lead that may be converted into a potential sale upon expecting that the customer is interested in any of the enterprise products. This potential sale may be converted into a sales quotation and consequently a real sales invoice. NAMA provides a comprehensive file for each phase that contains all customer data including contact information, mediators, products that the customer is interested in, and other information.

Follow up customer services and monitor their execution

NAMA supports all after-sales service that are represented in support requests, complaints, suggestions, and development requests, where NAMA supports  a specific document for each of these points. You can follow up all these points and monitor all their tasks via the visit documents, customer calls, and the executions of customer requests.

Monitor targets and marketing plans  

NAMA supports defining scenarios for marketing and customer support in  all year periods in order to compare them with the actual work to recognize the extent of deviation; and consequently determine the success or failure in achieving planned targets for marketing and customer support.

With NAMA, you can define monthly plans for marketing and customer supports so as to compare them with the actual activities for the enterprise employees to have instantaneous information about their commitments to their assigned tasks. For example, you can define a plan for a marketing employee to perform a specific number of phone calls to offer the enterprise products to a specific number of customers an executions number of customer requests. The system will automatically compare these plans with the actual activities; and therefore, evaluate the employees working to make the right decision.

Define the contact ways with clients 

CRM system of NAMA adapts with the enterprise according to its abilities, where you can adjust the system to acknowledge the customers by the new items, services or solutions provided via Emails or SMS according to the enterprise capabilities.

Powerful system for assigning tasks

Dealing with customers before or after sale means the way of getting money, and then maximizing the enterprise resources; therefore, choosing the proper employee is a very important point. NAMA provides many organizational files for this purpose, where there is a special file for complaints, another file for complaint resource, and a third file for the types of marketing campaigns. When working with this organizational environment taking into account the giant authorities system of NAMA, the tasks could be assigned to the employees according to their expertise and trust granted for each of them. This way, the services and marketing campaigns will be performed in a very professional manner. Furthermore; the system supports issuing complete projects including their tasks, contacts, visits, and training related to the customer support, and linking these actions with specific employees so that defining  start and end date for all defined tasks and the project as a whole. This methodology helps the enterprise to measure the productivity for each employee and have enough information about the weak points for each of them.

Complete link between the system components

NAMA provides a complete link between the system components in order to execute the support procedures and move from phase to another in a flexible manner. For example, you can create calling or visit documents via the service contract. You can also monitor all support requests via the service contract. For another example, you can turn the complaint into a support request or escalate it via the complaint screen. The support request could be converted to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), where NAMA supports a specific file for FAQ. This way, all customer support procedures could be performed through the windows that leading to them, the matter which makes from the system a comfortable environment to record marketing and support actions.

Flexible questionnaire system

Under the frenzied competition between different companies and the convergence of prices and the temptations offered by competitors, clients no longer have to deal with enterprise permanently, even with the provided good services. Mature companies now anticipate events so that maintain customer loyalty and full satisfaction. Via a questionnaire system supported by NAMA, you can communicate with your customers periodically to have full information about the extent of their satisfaction about products or services provided, defects, required features, advantages provided from competitors,.. and so on. You can also, use the questionnaire system with the ordinary public to see changes and variability of the market. NAMA provides a special file to record an infinite number of questions whether related to marketing, customer support, or others. You can also define a questionnaire template that includes a group of questions in order to be invoked all at once in the questionnaire screen; furthermore, NAMA supports linking the questionnaire with any of the system records such as customer, vendor, item, invoice, and so on.

Customer and Supplier Portal
Nama system allows the facility’s customers to enter as users on the database and interact with the Nama system, each according to its specialization and need. Any of the customers, suppliers, or contractors dealing with the facility can – through an electronic portal – access the database upon a request that is approved by the facility. For example, a customer can request to add a new user to the database. If this request is approved, this customer can enter the database and deal with the system according to the authorities granted to him. For example, the customer can request some modifications to his information in his customer record as well as he can view the reports related to him according to his authorities. This also applies to suppliers and contractors that were registered as users in the database


Reports will be designed according to customer desire

CRM Potentials statement within period for a sales man or more

CRM Leads statement within period for a sales man or more

Expected sales within period according to CRM potentials and leads

Statement of new customers per day


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