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is a software house specialized in developing and supporting software for medium and small enterprises. At Namasoft, we aspire to streamline business flow and empower decision makers through cutting edge, highly adaptable software and hardware solutions.

As a young and dynamic company, Namasoft embraces the latest technologies and does away with legacy cumbersome solutions, therefore offering our customers a huge benefit over those who continue to drag long lists of outdated or even obsolete technologies.

Namasoft develops a set of highly specialized business solutions that range from ERP, CRM, Human Capital Management, All these solutions enjoy great usability, unique RIA user interfaces, and a high degree of adaptability. Furthermore, all Namasoft solutions are cloud computing enabled and can be deployed in a public or private cloud.

Namasoft recognizes how crucial a role customer service plays when it comes to business software, and considers after-sales service an integral part of its solutions. Our qualified engineers are always ready and able to provide world class customer service to our clients anywhere in the world thanks to the reach of the Internet and today’s remote using solutions.

Namasoft  stands firmly on the following simple foundation:

World class customer service and support

Continuous development of our product offerings using the latest technologies

Extend our reach by opening up service centers and business partners throughout the region

Focus and emphasis on the requirements of local businesses

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