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Jemca Engineering and Contracting was established in 1995 as a “simple recommendation company” with the aim of supplying and installing electromechanical equipment for drinking water purification plants and sewage treatment plants. The company’s activity expanded rapidly due to the company’s commitment to quality and timeliness. It was transformed into a joint-stock company in 2009 with the increase of capital. And because we have the capabilities that qualify us to manufacture all the mechanical tasks and in our belief that this is a great benefit to the Egyptian market from all directions, the decision came to establish GEMCA Engineering Business Company, a “simple recommendation company” in 2001, and the company was provided with many machines and equipment with great efficiency and capabilities so that we can We meet all the needs of the Egyptian and foreign market in this field, with the required quality and efficiency. Given the capabilities available to us in terms of human resources and machinery, the quality certificate (ISO) is being obtained. The group is currently preparing a production line equipped with highly efficient machines for the production of metal structures and as a result of these data, Gimca Group is now considered one of the leading companies in this field at the local level And promising in the foreign market.

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