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Projects management


Projects management

NAMA provides a projects management system for service companies. In these companies, the working time spent by employees is considered the basic commodity such as the firms of legal review, legal counsel and law. Via the projects management system, you can plane the milestones and tasks for each project, and distribute these tasks on the employees, monitor the percentage of the finished tasks, inquire the number of hours spent for each task; consequently, you will have full information for the real cost of the service in order to determine the service price according to the targeted profit.


Regulatory environment for work management

NAMA provides a regulatory environment for work management, where the work could be divided into projects, and these projects are divided into stages which in turns divided into tasks to be performed by an employee or a group of employees.

Tracking required tasks

Projects management system has been designed so as to monitor all required tasks by the managers, where after recording a task time, the employee can request approval from the direct manager which in turns evaluates this task according to its size and the recorded time compared with the planned time for the task. The manager can either accept this recorded time and consequently charges the project by its cost or rejects this time to be corrected by the employee.
Tracking tasks could be adjusted either by displaying notifications in the system interface, sending emails or SMS messages.

Full integration with human resources system

The required tasks are performed by employees that were defined in human resources system. The time recorded in the required tasks could be compared with the attendance time of the employee to discover any contradiction between them. You can also link the performed task by the employee salary, where the employee can receive the salary based on performed tasks according to any equations implemented by the enterprise. On the other hand, the evaluation system of human resources integrates with projects management, where the employees could be evaluated according to the quality of their tasks.

Save your time and effort

Projects management system helps you to save time and effort as much as possible, where some projects are similar to a large extent. With NAMA, you don’t have to re-plan this type of projects and define its own stages; rather, you can clone complete projects with all their planning stages and tasks in order to use them directly. You can also clone special stages with the possibility of including their tasks. The system also provides a mechanism for the user to record expenses of any of the tasks entrusted to him, where user can issue a request by his expenses to be approved or issue a project expense document directly.
NAMA supports quick methods to collect invoices for a customer or many customers. Projects management also supports a periodic invoices system that constantly repeated according to a periodic service by the company

Analyze your work

Via projects management system, you can analyze all the projects aspects to have acknowledge for all strengths and weaknesses. For example, the system provides indications for the extent of the staff’s commitment to implement their tasks; consequently, the tasks could be distributed according to the efficiency of each employee. NAMA provides also indications for the needs to other resources to reduce the time required for the projects. Decision makers can track the execution percentage for the required tasks and get information for expected time to achieve these tasks.


Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Commitment statement to the planned tasks within a period (per employee)

Statement of projects costs within period according to actual working hours

Deviation statement of actual costs from planed costs

Statement of total invoices issued for project(s) within period

Statement of required tasks within period (per employee)

Statement of executed tasks within period (per employee, task type in terms of accepted or rejected)

Expenses issued within period (per expense item, customer, employee, project)

Expenses required within period according to expenses requests


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