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Service centers


Service centers

NAMA provides a special system for service centers that maintain Industrial products such as the workshops of maintaining cars, equipments, or electrical appliances. NAMA supports all service phases of industrial product from service request till finishing the service and maintaining the product in the warranty period via CRM system supported by NAMA.


Comprehensive files to cover all maintenance aspects

NAMA provides comprehensive files to record all data required for maintenance process whether the data related to the product such as brand, model, serial numbers as Motor No and Chassis No, or the data related to distributing the maintenance cost such as insurance and warranty information or the data related to the client.

You can enter all data of the service centers, where you can define any number of workshops including the reception data and resources whether employees or machines with the capability of linking these resources with human resources and fixed assets systems and defining the cost of each resource.

Monitor screen for each workshop

NAMA supports a monitor screen for each work center to have instantaneously information for the status of each work center including the consumed production capacity, the possibility of loading new maintenance orders, and the time required to create a new maintenance order. This technique helps the enterprise in planning the maintenance requests, taking the right decision for accepting new requests, determining the time to receive the product from customer, and the required time to deliver this product.

Full support for pre-maintenance procedures

NAMA supports all the commonly recognized procedures before receiving a product from the customer, where you can make a job estimation document to define the required maintenances, services prices, and how to distribute the prices on insurance company, warranty company and the customer. NAMA supports also a document to modify this estimation in order to enter any modifications required from insurance and warranty companies. On the other hand, you will have a detailed information for estimation cycle till reaching to the final agreement with the customer.

Via product inspection document, you can record all crashes or damages and required maintenances. To ease the work of the user, NAMA supports defining inspection points to describe the received products including client’s belongings inside the car, for example. NAMA also supports inspection templates that include a group of inspection points to be invoked directly in the inspection documents.

Before receiving the product to be maintained, you can issue a reservation request in order to describe required maintenance, receipt date, delivery date,…etc.

Complete flexibility for distributing  Maintenance price

Via NAMA system, you can apply any method to distribute the maintenance price, where some products are still in the warranty period; while some other products are subject to an insurance system; therefore, NAMA supports distributing the service price on many sides such as insurance company, Warranty, and the customer in addition to defining the percentage of each side. You can distribute a part of the service price on the service center as a kind of discount, or to satisfy the customer or any other reasons. On the other hand, NAMA provides a system to issue invoices for insurance company, warranty, and the customer via the maintenance order itself without having to switch to the sales module.

Furthermore, NAMA provides two methods to distribute the service price either by calculating prices of all services provided for the customer, or by distributing the prices manually so as to be less than the required price as it is occurring often

Actual simulation for maintenance process

With NAMA, you can execute many maintenance orders all at once according to the capacity of existing work centers. The spare parts and raw materials could be issued automatically for the services inserted in the maintenance order.

Via the maintenance execution document, all maintenance tasks are recorded in order to charge all running times of the technicians. NAMA also supports instantaneously information  for each task status such as “Finished”, “Closed”, “Not Started”, “Cancelled”..etc.

The maintenance process may be stopped  at any time because of the lack of spare parts or the customer did not pay one of the required payments or any other reasons; therefore, you can stop any of running services and resume it later on via resuming operation documents. NAMA also allows monitoring all client visits for the workshop, where there is a complete file to define all types of client visits that may be used in clients reports.

NAMA collects all the maintenance costs as soon as closing the maintenance order to calculate the total cost required from customer, insurance company, warranty, or the work center. Total cost could be calculated for each maintenance order or for each service included.


Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Maintenance orders statement within period (per customer, status)

Raw materials required for a maintenance order (many maintenance orders)

Actual cost to a maintenance order according to production documents within period

List of service requests according to reservation date

List of pending maintenance orders with a statement of reason within a period

List of capacity and current operating percentage for a service center or many service centers

Attendance percentage of maintenance workers within period (per worker, service center)

List of unavailable spare parts

Deviation percentage of available spare parts from those required in maintenance orders


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