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Customer is always right. Famous words express the importance of the customer in the sales process where the customer is considered the center of commercial activity and a basic substrate for sale. Nothing is easier than to buy goods for sale or provide support service for profit, but the whole difficulty lies in reaching to the targeted client and convince him to buy, then please him through after-sales service, so that the client becomes a point of  advertising  for the enterprise; consequently, increases sales opportunities and maximizes profits .

NAMA provides a CRM system for customer service through which you can record all data of the customers in addition to all enterprise activities with clients whether expected customers or the actual so that no information related to marketing, sales, and after-sale services may be wasted. This methodology helps the decision maker to expect future sales and consequently the financial position within the year periods


Service and maintenance contracts

NAMA supports service and maintenance contracts with recording comprehensive data including the contract value, terms, service period and customer information with the ability of attaching any documents that related to the contract or warranty or others. Via the service contract, you can insert all items/services with the warranty period for each item, where the system supports a specific file for warranty in addition to define the percentage for both agent and mediator, where the system provides special files for agents and mediators. On the other hand, NAMA supports adding any number of additional contracts to the main contract with all details of each one.

Follow up customer services and monitor their execution

NAMA supports all after-sales service that are represented in support requests, complaints, suggestions, and development requests, where NAMA supports  a specific document for each of these points. You can follow up all these points and monitor all their tasks via the visit documents, customer calls, and the executions of customer requests.


Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Support requests (per status, customer)

Development requests (per request type, status, customer, product, priority, relative weight)

CRM Warranty contracts (Valid, finished, about to finish)

List of complaints and suggestions within period (per customer, product, type (suggestion or complaint))

List of visits within period (per customer, status (Initial, Postponed….,))

List of CRM service contracts within period (per customer, contract type)


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