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Quality Control


Items quality in NAMA

NAMA allows user to define quality check lists whether for received or manufactured items, where you can apply quality check lists to support quality control system and quality insurance system.


Applying Quality Standards

NAMA allows applying quality standards for received and issued items. This feature is very important, especially with manufacturing activities. Via check lists, you can test the items and then accept or reject these items. Quality tests could be performed via Quality control documents that are allocated to apply enterprise quality standards. NAMA also provides Quality assurance document to assure that all quality steps have been performed correctly.

NAMA supports applying quality standards in both inventory and manufacturing modules, where received and issued items could be accepted only after passing the quality standards and assuring that all quality processes have been performed according to the work flow applied in the system.

Quality standards could be applied also for each production order in the manufacturing module, where the finished products could be accepted in warehouses only after passing the quality standards. You can apply the quality standards in each operation in the production so that rejecting the product and returning it to the previous operation when it does not pass the quality standard related to each operation.




Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Quality control list

Quality control documents within period (QC requests, QC documents)


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