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Document management system


Document management system

NAMA provides a document management system in order to monitor all enterprise documents weather documents that are related to the enterprise itself, or related to employees, customers, vendors, or any documents to be reserved.


Organizational structure for enterprise documents

NAMA provides precise organizational structure to describe the location of any document. You can divide the documents locations into archives that are divided into sub-locations that contain folders. these folders are considered regulatory containers that may be classified per employee, customer, vendor,..etc.

Actual simulation for documentary cycle

Through document management system, you may move a document from location to another in addition to requiring the manager approval either to move the document, take it out, or even disposing from it.

Tracking enterprise documents

With NAMA for document management system, you may monitor any document was received before in the enterprise with a historical description for all its transactions from receiving it till taking it out or disposing from it.

Comprehensive reports

Via search parameters such as document date, topic, folder number, you can recognize all information about any of enterprise documents whether issued for employees or customers and have to be received or those documents existing in the enterprise and have to be delivered.



Reports will be designed according to customer desire

List of enterprise documents (per site, status (exist, lost, issued outside))

List of documents related to a specific topic

List of documents per owner

Documents movement within period (per employee, customer, vendor, third party)


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