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Budget & Forecast


Accounts and budgets

NAMA for accounting system has been designed according to the commonly recognized accounting rules in the Arab region; where the general ledger account could be affected directly by the transactions of sales, purchases ,inventory, and also by the journal entries resultant from receipt and payment documents. This will allow you to have direct queries for the daily transactions, accounting statements, trail balances, profit and loss statements and  balances sheet. NAMA also supports the function of “Financial analysis” in order to be used optionally, the matter which helps accountants to construct the relations of financial analysis and indicators of performance evaluation such as “Debt ratios”, ” liquidity ratios” , “profitability ratios”, and other ratios of financial status. All these ratios  provide accurate information for the financial status at any moment; where you can create financial analysis relations for the year periods or for many years. Financial analysis relations could be also created between actual amounts and budget amounts within one year or different years.


Flexibility for defining budgets

NAMA provides a special menu for budgets. You can define a scenario to planned budget for purchases account, salaries account, or any other account whether per year or per month. You can define the account budget for a certain cost center or many cost centers. You can also adjust the system such that the account value does not exceed its budget. For example, You can prevent user from issuing purchases invoices that exceed the purchases budget within a specific period.

NAMA also provides defining a budget (forecast) for items of the sales either for a specific item or a group of items (such as drugs or chemicals). You can define many scenarios per customer or salesman to record the expected  sales amount for each item (or a group of items) at the level of a specific period or any of defined cost centers such as department, section. NAMA provides a mechanism to calculate the cost of the budget items, and then the expected profit.


Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Statement of defined scenarios

Statement of defined budgets (Sales budgets, financial budgets)

Deviation percentage of budget(s) per month


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