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The sales process and its profitability are considered the main objective of any commercial activity for decision makers and companies stockholders. Sales system of NAMA was designed so as to support many sales systems including pricing systems and sales offers in addition to monitoring sales transactions and its statistics instantaneously; the matter which serves the decision maker efficiently and effectively.


Comprehensive file for customers

NAMA provides a comprehensive record for each customer containing all information including basic info such as customer code, name, and department..etc; and contact information such as the customer address, shipment address in addition to credit limits. NAMA supports also defining up to twenty accounts for each customer. Via customer record, you can attach the copies for any number of documents such as agreements and letter of credits in addition to the ability to enter any number of notes.

Comprehensive sales cycle

NAMA provides all documents required for any sales cycle. The system supports sales requests required by customers, sales quotations, sales orders, as well as sales invoices and sales returns. you can issue a sales document based on other document logically such as a sales invoice based on a sales quotation, or a sales return based on a sales invoice,.. and so on. You can also monitor the sales cycle details from related documents tab screen for sales invoice or sales return.

Full support for all payment systems

NAMA supports all payment systems such as cash, credit, as well as payment via credit card such as visa card, master card, and others; furthermore, you can pay via many methods in the same sales invoice. you can also apply installment payment system via “Payment Schedule Templates” supported by NAMA.

Unbelievable pricing and quotations systems

You cannot recognize the power extent of pricing and quotations systems of NAMA system without having previous experience in other systems; where you can define many pricing lists for each customer and link these prices by specific dates in order to apply these prices according to specific parameters.  NAMA supports price quotation system to apply discounts and free items per item, invoice, or customer taking into consideration the item quantity, sale date, …etc. NAMA also supports the sale points system. All these systems could be applied according to defined rules regardless the degree of complexity.

Sales authorities

NAMA supports any sale authority regardless the  degree of complexity. For example, some items could be sold only in determined branches, departments, sections or by specific sellers. Discounts authorities and discount percentage could be defined per employee, job, customer,..etc. NAMA allows hiding any information such as prices or discounts from data entry. On the other hand, you can define any conditional authority regardless its degree of complexity. For example, selling below cost could be limited for specific users Another example, invoices whose values more than 50000 Riyals could be issued by sales managers only.

Work flow for sales cycle

Work flow system of NAMA could be applied in the sales cycle and any other module. For example, you can restrict sales invoices by the approval of the direct manager, or approvals of many managers. These approvals could be even per sold items, where NAMA supports approval for each item according to specific parameters such as quantity, price, and discount. you can imagine that an invoice that includes ten items may require ten approvals from 10 different persons.

Full integration with accounts and warehouses

Sales system has full integration with account system, where sales document could be implemented to affect on any accounts including the accounts of customers, salesmen, collectors,…etc. On the other hand, NAMA allows affecting on many different accounts for each invoice item, where the item price may affect on a specific account, while each discount of invoice discounts – up to 8 discounts – may affect on a different account.

In addition to the automatic and manual effect on warehouses by sales invoice, NAMA supports also the intelligent withdraw from warehouses. in other words, NAMA supports withdraw from the nearest warehouse, and if there is no enough quantity, the withdraw will be from the next nearest warehouse, and so on. The withdraw priority could be defined by any rules defined by user.


Customers Net Sales

Sales Invoices And Returns

Sales statistics per sales man

Sales details

Monthly sales

Sales documentary flow

Non-invoiced sales orders

Sales Orders Statement

Sales Price Lists Statement

Sales Offers Statement

Sales Invoices Details With Payments

Sales Invoices With Paid And Remaining

Sales invoices profit


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