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Job work management system


Job orders

Via job orders system, NAMA supports atypical industries concerned with workshops and small factories. These industries vary according to the customers desires; where atypical industries differ according to color, length, size, and so an. For example, the industries of glass aluminum , woods, furniture. NAMA also supports the service job orders such as installation and maintenance. Outsource requests are supported by NAMA; where the workshop may execute manufacturing operations for another workshops.


Actual simulation real work

NAMA supports all operations required for job orders from recording estimations till delivering the final product for the customer including determining the required raw materials and resources, monitoring the execution of consecutive operations that were planned before, and monitoring the delivery of final products to warehouses or customers. NAMA also supports the additional cost to determine the real cost, and consequently the proper price.

Flexibility of use

NAMA supports an ease environment for use; where the job order could be supplied automatically by the raw materials and resources according to the product quantity. You can adjust the system so as to work in an intelligent method. For example, you can define the operation of polishing so as to include cutting and sanding operations without intervention by users. NAMA also supports monitoring the job order in terms of the finished products and the executed operations.

Monitoring cost and maximizing profit

NAMA helps workshops to minimize expenses and maximize profit. Job orders system provides precise information to the real cost for both raw materials (including basic and assistance material) and labors; therefore, you can determine the shortcomings to be avoided such as the hours number of lost time via comparing the planned time with the actual working time; therefore determining  the cost of untapped energy.

Full integration with the other NAMA systems

Job order system integrates with the account system to compare between the actual and estimated expenses. Job order integrates with the inventory system to know available balances for required materials according to the production cycle planning. Raw materials could be issued per each production operation. On the other hand, you can use employees and machines that were previously defined in Employee and fixed asset systems as resources in the production operations.

Job orders integrates also with the sales system; where you can issue a sales invoice for a customer directly via a job order delivery document for this customer. Job order could be generated based on a sales order or any of sales documents.



Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Job orders issued within period per customer

Costs of a job order (or many job orders)

Raw materials required to produce defined quantity of a product

Human resources and machines required to produce defined quantity of a product

Raw materials required for outsource job orders via outsource requests within period

Products received for a customer within period

Products received in the production halls (per product, job order, customer)


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