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Payroll Management System


Human Resources

NAMA provides an integrated system for Employees via two dedicated menus named human resources and payroll. NAMA supports the following features:

Fundamental features

  • Organizational structure
    NAMA provides a flexible technique to define the enterprise employees in a hierarchal manner according to departments, sections, and jobs.
  • Comprehensive file for each employee
    NAMA provides a huge file for each employee in order to enter all information including personal info, social info, contact  info, ..etc.
  • Easily adapt to the internal regulations of the companies
    NAMA supports any method of regulation systems for the companies such as attendance information, vacations, and penalties of  these regulations.
  • Adapt business rules by country
    NAMA supports all business rules  applied in Arabic countries. For example, in Gulf countries, NAMA supports sponsorship system, escorts, stays,..and so on; however, supports a taxes system applied in Egypt such as sales tax, income tax according to different tax brackets.
  • Monitoring employees documents
    In addition to Human resources system, NAMA supports a document management to monitor all employee documents such as graduation certificate,  experience certificate, and any other document related to employee in addition to recording any transaction to each document, along with an organizational method to reach to any document at any time.
  • Self-Service system for employee
    NAMA provides the capability for self-service for each employee. In other words, employee can issue a loan request, vacation request, or even view his salary document by himself.
  • Full integration with account system
    NAMA provides many accounts for each employee such as  salary account, loans account, custodies account, and so on; in order to have instantaneous accounting effect for employee documents.



Unlimited salary components

NAMA provides defining unlimited number of salary components such as basic salary, allowance, nature-of-work allowance, transportation allowance,..etc.

Detailed salary structure

NAMA supports defining detailed salary structures that vary by the work nature; therefore, you can define a salary according to the work name rather than according to each employee individually. For example, you can define a salary structure for accountants, and a salary structure for engineers, and then you can add characteristics for each employee individually, rather than defining a salary structures equal to the number for enterprise employees.

Flexible accounting impact based on employee characteristics

Salary components could be distributed according to the work nature of the employees. For example, the impact of salary component for management staff differs from the same salary component of the workers.

Flexible and easy methods to calculate variable salary components

Salary components may have some variables such as income tax that vary according to taxes brackets. NAMA provides a flexible method to define variable salary components regardless the level of their complexity without having to define scenarios that require technical information like programming language.

Supporting multiple payments

NAMA supports all wage periods, where salaries may be issued daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly,..etc. for example, you can issue a weekly wage for the worker in addition to his monthly salary and wage incentives where each payment has its own salary components.

Linking with taxes and social security

Employees salary components could be linked with the mandatory systems such as taxes and social security.

Notifications by Emails and SMS

NAMA provides a notification system where Enterprise can send Emails or SMS to employees to notify them about salary transfer and any other information.

Linking with employee attendance elements

You can link salaries by the different attendance elements such as the attendance early, attendance late, the overtime; and consequently, affect on the salary positively or negatively.

Linking with employee Loans.

Loans could be linked with the employee salary so as to deduct the loan installments from the employee salary within a defined period. You can also stop the deduction of loan installments for some months or even exempt the employee from some or all installments.

Linking with monthly performance indicators

NAMA supports monthly performance indicators method so as to link salary components with these indicators; consequently, impacts on the employee salary positively or negatively.

Linking with rewards and penalties

NAMA supports material rewards and penalties as well as linking them with the employee salary. NAMA supports also the moral reward and penalties such as draw the attention.

Smart methods for calculating salary allowances

NAMA supports smart methods to calculate any of salary allocations such as the allocation of Leaving indemnity, and the allocation of health care. Salary component could be linked with these allocations such as deducting 8% within first three years, and deducting 12% from the fourth year, and so on. these calculations supported by NAMA without having to apply scripts that may require help from NAMA company.

Linking with cars

NAMA supports loading the total cost – or percentage of cost – for car crashes or traffic violation on the responsible of it according to specific parameters.



Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Employees’ salaries statement (per company, department, branch, sector, employee, job, period)

Totals of employees’ salaries within a period (per company, department, branch, sector, employee, job)

Employees’ Salaries documents within the period

Not paid salaries up to defined date

Suspended salaries within the period


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