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Modern methods and advantages
High development technique for business management software
Full support for all database engines
Cloud computing technology
Usable and very distinguished system
Web 2.0 compatible user interface
Adjustable Menus and screens
Bilingual system
Support Gregorian and Hijri calendars
Compatible with all operating systems
Integration and correlation between all system modules
Usable report designer with high technique
consolidate all your companies in one database
Full support for barcode reader
Support tablets and manual devices
support for time attendance machines
Working with continuous inventory style
Powerful and secure users authorities system
Notifications via e-mails and SMS
Inquiry system and smart search
Powerful and effective monitoring for users
Import and export files from and to Excel
Mature workflow system
Modern technique for linking remote branches

Services of developer company

Our branches sponsor and serve you

Relationship between developer company and customer does not end after implementing the program; rather, NAMA provides After sale service. customer has the right to have enough training for his employees in order to be able to use the program efficiently. NAMA implementers configure the program to adapt the customer needs. for example, the chart of  accounts for the financial enterprises is definitely different from chart of account for industrial or service enterprises

Transparency and clarity

Before using NAMA system, make sure that all features published in NAMA site, you have told from the salesman or other customers are supported. Inquire about any functions required by your enterprise. Don’t buy the program except you have full satisfaction about its quality.

Customize NAMA to adapt your requirement

Most of Readymade applications don’t satisfy all customers needs that may be suitable for just some customers. NAMA company complies to all your needs before buying the system. Order your required features in order to support it within a certain period.

On the other hand, NAMA is considered a Customizable Readymade Application as it was designed by the open design technology. NAMA has a great flexibility in customizing the system such as the potentially change of screens details, hiding or displaying some fields, changing the translation and fields titles, and even creating a new module allocated for the new customer. This module will be compatible and  integrated with the other systems of NAMA.

After sale services

After purchasing one of NAMA systems, you can communicate with the nearest branch for you as soon as any problem occurs, need to an additional training or technical support. Customer has the right to maintain the integrity of the data, and also maintain the secrecy required for customer balances and indebtedness while manipulating the database by NAMA.

On the other hand, customer can order any additional enhancements required for his work. contact with NAMA company to order the required enhancement, and it will be considered by NAMA according to its notability and customers’ needs.

Developer company launches new releases for NAMA systems including fixing for discovered defects and required enhancements. customers within a warrantee period or service agreement can periodically download these releases

Move to NAMA system

If you have been using another program, and want to move to NAMA systems, The company provides a data transfer service from your old database in order to be adapted with NAMA system as well as retaining all data, previous balances and Statistics.