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Material Requirement Planning (MRP)


Manufacturing system

NAMA provides a comprehensive system to manufactured products in many industries such as medicines, textiles, canned goods, chemicals, and other typical products. Typical products are those products whose defined bill of materials, operations, and resources in order to produce these products periodically according to produced quantity.


Material resource planning MRP

NAMA supports a planning system for manufacturing products in order to produce the products according to a business plan  taking into account the available materials and expected sales.

Multiple Scenarios

NAMA supports defining many scenarios to record many forecasts according to different point of views as well as comparing between them. NAMA provides many mechanisms to compare between defined scenarios according to the expectation percentage of each one, where NAMA distinguishes between products to be produced and already have sales orders issued before in defined periods, and those products expected via forecast documents, and those products expected via a manual demand document that issued by the planning manager according to his point of view.

Planning documents

Via planning documents, decision maker can choose between different forecasts in order to collects required products to have full information about the required quantities for each product, and quantities of raw materials to be bought. Via planning document, you can issue the production orders, production requests in addition to the purchase order for raw materials required for the planned products.

We help you to plan

NAMA provides many mechanisms to help decision maker to execute the proper planning. For example, when displaying the products to be produced in planning document – desired tab screen, NAMA displays the currently available quantities of the products, the quantities  that expected to be received in warehouses, and the quantities that expected to be issued from warehouses in order to make the correct decision to determine the required quantities by which the production order will be issued.

NAMA displays the product quantities whether currently available, expected to be received, or expected to be issued from warehouses by any level  of complexity where NAMA distinguishes between quantities in enterprise warehouses and quantities existing in the warehouses related to the enterprise distributors; furthermore, the available and expected quantities could be calculated by special equations desired by the client himself. Where these quantities could calculated based on specific warehouses without the others. Available and expected quantities could be calculated also based on sales or purchases documents in specific periods or any other parameters; the matter which provides a great flexibility in adapting with the enterprise work nature.

NAMA provides production order for planning which differs from the normal production order, where production order for planning has a detailed description for the use percentage of each required raw material in the different products which helps the management to recognize the extent of need for each item; consequently, making the proper decision for purchasing according to the market conditions.



Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Deviation of raw materials from planned materials of a production order (or many production orders)

Required raw materials to produce specific quantity of products

Raw materials issued to a production order (or many production orders) within period

Raw materials returned to a production order (or many production orders) within period

List of planned purchase orders within period

List of defined scenarios

List of MRB Sales forecasting

List of planning raw materials documents

Deviation percentage of produced products from expected products within period


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