Receipts and payments

NAMA provides receipt and payment systems with all subsidiaries via receipt and payment vouchers. You can deal with any subsidiary such as customers, vendors, employees,..etc; so that you can pay the due invoices, and receive or issue commercial papers such as cheques and bills of exchange.


Integration with sales and purchases modules

You can pay sales invoices via receipt vouchers, and purchases invoices via payment voucher, where you can pay the invoices either by the debit age arrangement, or by selecting certain invoices to be paid.

Support Foreign currencies

NAMA allows user to pay invoices of customers and vendors by foreign currencies that may be differ from the invoice currency taking into account the currency rate, and then affects on the subsidiary by the same currency of its account .

Define affected accounts

The document type of receipt and payment vouchers could be implemented so that the system affects on accounts of subsidiary, safe deposit, or any other account without any intervention by user; however, NAMA allows modifying the affected accounts by authorized users. NAMA also supports entering compound entries in receipt and payment vouchers in order to affect on multiple accounts.

Support payment for commercial papers

Via the commercial papers tab screen, you can pay invoices or bills of exchange, where the commercial papers could be paid for a subsidiary account either by the arrangement of the paper due date, or by selecting certain papers to be paid. NAMA supports verifying the paper status while data entry and monitoring the balance of the document subsidiary account.

Support notifications system

You can implement the system so that sending notifications for the different subsidiaries such as the approaching of payment due date , the client exceeded  his credit limit and he has to pay, or any other notification. NAMA supports sending notifications via E-mails, or SMS.

Documentary cycle for receipts and payments

You can issue receipt and payment vouchers via other documents, where NAMA provides two documents for payment and receipt requests to support approval system. You can issue a receipt voucher based on a sales order, job order, receipt request,..etc. Likewise, the payment voucher could be issued based on a salary document, purchase invoice, payment request…etc.


Journal Entries Statement

Intercompany Transfers statement

PVRV Documents

Receipt Vouchers Requests Statement

Receipt Vouchers Statement

Payment Vouchers Requests Statement

Payment Vouchers Statement

Debit Notes Statement

Credit Notes Statement

Misc Purchase Orders Statement

Misc Purchas eInvoices Orders Statement


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