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production management system


Manufacturing system

NAMA provides a comprehensive system to manufactured products in many industries such as medicines, textiles, canned goods, chemicals, and other typical products. Typical products are those products whose defined bill of materials, operations, and resources in order to produce these products periodically according to produced quantity.


Comprehensive files for manufacturing process elements

Bill of materials: NAMA allows defining infinite number of components for each product with the capability of linking each component with its operation. You can also define the method to issue each component from its warehouse whether automatically or manually as well as defining detailed information for each component in terms of quantity, unit, dimension, yield, and others.

Via Bill of materials file, you can also define the co-products resultant from manufacturing the final product with a statement of quantity and cost percentage for each co-product.

Routing: Via routing file, you can define the consecutive operations to produce the product. You can define the characteristics of each operation in terms of the used resources, the method of charging cost, and others.

Resources and activities: NAMA provides a special file to define resources whether workers or machines with the ability of linking these resources with Human resources and Fixed assets modules and determining the cost rate of each resource. You can also define many accounts for each resource. On the other hand, you can define infinite number of activities where the resource may have many activities according to the operation nature.

Work centers: NAMA provides defining any number of work centers as well as the resources existing in each work center, resources number and the working hours available for each resource.

Overheads: NAMA provides different methods to charge cost of the production order overheads such as charging cost per the value of each resource hour, by a percentage of the total cost of consumed raw materials, by a percentage of the total cost of resources hours.

comprehensive documentary cycle

NAMA supports all documents that cover the manufacturing process from issuing the production request into closing the production order and costing the finished products.

Production order: Via the production order, you can define the quantity of finished products to be produced, the characteristics of this product in terms of bill of materials, operations, co-products, in addition to many other information such as batch number, production date, quality information, and others.

Production execution: Via the production execution document, you can execute an operation – or many operations – for the production order. You can also, execute many operations for multiple production orders all at once.

Product delivery and product return vouchers: In order to receive and return finished products and co-products of the production order.

Raw material vouchers: NAMA provides raw material issue, and raw material return vouchers to receive and return raw material that are planned before in the production order.

Resource voucher: To charge the cost of working hours for each resource (workers/machines) defined in the production order.

Scrap receipts: NAMA allows receiving any scraps resultant from the production order. NAMA also supports different methods to charge the cost of these scraps on the production order.

Production order close voucher: As soon as closing the production order, the system collects the costs consumed raw materials, working hours of resources, and overheads in order to cost the final products, and stop the work on the production order.

Adjustments for closing production order: Planned overheads for the production order may vary significantly from the actual overheads such as unexpected electricity bill. Via  order close voucher, you can recalculate the cost of the production order and consequently the cost of finished products even after closing the production order taking into account all transactions occurred before adjustment such as sales documents and others.

Full integration with other system modules

Manufacturing module integrates with the other system modules where the raw materials are invoked from the inventory items defined before in Inventory module, while the workers and machines defined before in Human resources and fixed assets modules are used as resources to execute operations. Product receipt voucher generates a stock receipt voucher automatically to receive final products in the warehouse, while product return voucher generates a stock issue voucher automatically to issue the returned products.

You can also use other inventory documents with the manufactured items such as Quality control document , and quality assurance document.

Adaptation with the other manufacturing methods

Manufacturing module has been designed so as to adapt with the other manufacturing methods. For example, NAMA supports all supply types such as supplying materials manually or automatically such as operation pull with executing operation  or assembly pull with receiving the finished products.

NAMA supports charging the cost of working hours via issuing the resource vouchers manually, or automatically upon issuing the execution voucher.

NAMA supports charging the cost of resource per item or per lot.


Manufacturing module was designed so as to ease the manufacturing data entry as well as manipulating this data in a flexible way as the following examples:

NAMA helps user to determine the standard quantities required to produce the final products where you can define the quantity of raw material required to produce  a quantity of final products by any way. For example, you can define 3 liter of a raw material required to produce 3 tons of final product, and leave NAMA to calculate any other quantities.

NAMA support executing many operations for multiple production orders all at once.

You can define standard operation including all its resources and details in order to invoke this operation in the routing file directly rather than having to define the operation  each time.

You can easily view  all documents related to a manufacturing document such as receipt vouchers related to a product receipt or raw material return. This  way, you can monitor any of manufacturing  process details. For example, you can view all documents related to the production order via related documents tab screen.



Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Production requests within period

Production orders within period (Closed, terminated, initial, current)

Product receipts for a production order (many production orders) within period

Product returns for a production order (many production orders) within period

Product scraps for a production order (many production orders) within period

Product executions for a production order (many production orders) within period

Deviation percentage of actual products from planed products for a production order (for product receipts, co-products)


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