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Hospital Management System


Hospital management system

NAMA supports a special system for hospital management that includes almost all the medical services provided by hospitals from the patient entry to the exit. NAMA provides systems for medical insurance, surgeries, lab tests, rays, pharmacies, and many other systems.


The detailed structure of the hospital

NAMA provides many files to describe the hospital hierarchically where you can define buildings, floors, rooms, and finally the patient rooms.

Outpatient clinics

NAMA allows defining outpatient clinics as well as its locations and medical specialty. NAMA supports registering clinic bills whether for inpatient or outpatient in addition to providing a reservation mechanism with a date and a time in advance. You can define appointments for each doctor all week.

Detailed Files for doctors, patient, and others

NAMA provides detailed files for doctors, patients, Surgery Types, and many other files, where you can deal with the doctor or the patient as a subsidiary and define any number of accounts for each one, detailed description for personal and contact info in addition to have the capability to display all procedures that were performed for patients.

Support communication to follow up the patients

Nama supports a communication system between doctors and the hospital management in order to follow up, patients and hospital requirements whether via Emails or SMS.

Receiving patients and following up with them until going out

Through NAMA system, all patient procedures can be recorded such as the entry form, patient’s initial diagnosis registration, insurance information, if any, patient’s housing information, accommodation prices, and medical supervision, taking into account price discounts, taxes, and the insurance percent.

When issuing the patient’s final bill, the user only needs to enter the entry form code and then use a procedure to collect all medical services including its additional cost of doctors and specialists so that the patient is billed for the total value of the services provided.

Hospital Accommodation system

Nama supports an integrated patient accommodation system where at the beginning of implementing the system, any number of rooms could be defined with a detailed description of the location for each room and the type of room whether it is a reception, an intensive care, nursery, outpatient clinic, surgery or … etc. The degree of the room is also defined where price lists can determine the price for each degree. The patient can be accommodated as soon as hospital entry or based on medical procedures. 

During the patient accommodation, he/she can be moved from a room to another taking into account the price change, in addition to having the capability to price the accommodation per day or per hour. NAMA allows to distinguish between accommodation and supervision and issue a separate invoice for each one taking into account the accommodation of the patient’s attendants and issuing an invoice for them.

Integrated system for billing and financial procedures

NAMA supports issuing a detailed invoice for the patient’s accommodation as well as recording the number of days and times of each room whether for the patient or his/her attendants, and finally issuing a medical invoice for supplies issued for the patient, surgeries, drugs, lab tests, rays, and any other medical services.

Lab tests and rays

NAMA allows creating any type of lab tests and recording the results With reference to natural rates in addition to issuing the lab test invoices and charging its costs to the total invoice of the patient.

NAMA supports an integrated system to record the patient’s rays where you can define any type of different rays (x-ray, CT scan, MRI, ..and others) including the price, tax policy, insurance classifications for each ray.

Pharmacies and Blood Banks

NAMA allows defining any number of pharmacies inside the hospital. You can issue pharmacy invoices including discounts, taxes, and medical insurance. you can also issue or return drugs and create the pharmacy invoice later on. NAMA also supports defining any number of blood banks in addition to issuing blood invoices and blood returns according to the patient’s need.

Physical Therapy system

NAMA supports a physical therapy system for patients where you can define any number of physical therapy types as well as define the price and medical insurance applied on each type. finally, you can issue invoices for introduced physical therapy including its prices, discounts, taxes, and medical insurance.


NAMA supports a surgeries system as well as defining price lists taking into account discounts, taxes, medical insurance, supplies, and any other medical services. NAMA supports a special pricing system for performing many surgeries in one area. The surgery can also be charged by surgeon’s fees, the surgeon’s assistant, anesthesia, and any other fees.

Safe Deposits, payment methods, and shifts

NAMA supports defining an infinite number of safe deposits that allocated for any fees paid by the patient. You can also define shifts for each safe deposit for taking turns between cashiers. Definitely, NAMA supports payment by any credit card (like Visa card, Master card,..etc) in addition to issuing credit invoices to be paid later on.

Detailed price lists and discounts for hospital services

You can define price lists for any of the hospital services, where the price may vary according to the room degree, medical insurance class, date, .. etc). You can also define price lists for outpatient clinics bills which vary according to the doctor, medical insurance class, and many other issues. In addition to that, there are price lists for patient attendants, lab tests, rays, surgeries, physical therapy, drugs, medical supplies, supervision, medical services, and blood banks. In each of these price lists, NAMA supports many pricing parameters that make the price varies from a patient to another such as medical insurance class, date, and others.

For any medical services, NAMA supports a discounts plan, where you can define many discounts plan for accommodation, outpatient bills, medical supervision, and other services. Each discount plan may vary according to the medical insurance class, date, …etc.

A comprehensive file for recording doctors’ costs

Through the list of medical costs, the system allows the determination of the doctor’s cost, which means the fee he will be charged for the medical service that he will work on, and that can be a specific value or percentage of the bill, whether it is a statement of examination, a surgery, physical therapy, etc. When using this file, the system can add this cost to the doctor’s account upon issuing the invoice for the patient.

Changing the pricing plan

NAMA allows changing the pricing plan of the patient from his entry into the hospital, where a patient admission is issued upon the patient entry. You can define huge information in this patient admission including the pricing plan of the patient; Thus, when you apply a patient insurance system to a patient and issue bills. After that, when discovering that the patient belongs to another insurance system or you want to cancel the patient’s insurance system, the hospital only has to change the patient insurance system through the patient admission form in order to recalculate the issued invoices according to the current insurance system.

Surgery Package Deal

NAMA supports the assignment of external doctors as per the patient’s desire to perform his/her surgeries with defining the desired service terms such as accommodation, medical supervision, drugs, ..etc, and then issue the patient invoice taking into account doctor fee and the total amount required from the patient.

Patient feeding system

NAMA supports an integrated system for feeding, where you can define an infinite number of feeding types, and link each type with a certain disease or many diseases; consequently, the patient’s meals could be distributed according to their diagnosis.

The feeding system is linked with the warehouse system, as you define the meal as an assembly item including many inventory items; consequently, such items are issued from warehouses as soon as issuing meals for the patients. NAMA supports an automatic method to issue meals to a specific room, many rooms, many floors, or even many buildings all at once where the system invokes all these meals and issue its items immediately according to the diagnosis of each patient.

Medical insurance system

NAMA supports a medical insurance system for patients as well as many insurance classes. You can define the maximum value of insurance bearing whether for certain items or for all patient invoices. You can also determine the bearing rates whether for the patient or the insurance company.

Full support for all medical services

Of course, medical services are not limited to surgeries, outpatient clinics, lab tests; but the hospital can also introduce an infinite number of medical services Such as dialysis, wound cleaning, displaced teeth, implantology, earwashing, and more. Therefore, the system provides a comprehensive file to define any number of services, with determining the cost, currency, tax, and prices for each service, which varies according to the doctor, doctor’s degree, and insurance category, and any of these prices can be linked to a specific period.

Following up procedures and costs instantaneously

Of course, the powerful accounting module of the Namasoft program reflects on the hospital system where the patient, doctor and medical service and many other master files are considered as an independent subsidiary that can have a large number of accounts; consequently, following up the costs and all financial procedures permanently. Dashboards can also be designed to view the required data instantaneously. The system also supports setting these dashboards on mobile devices and viewing them away from the system interface. On the other hand, the capabilities of Namasoft system can be used to send any required information, whether to doctors, patients, or to hospital management through e-mails or (SMS).