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Contracting management System


Contracting system

NAMA provides a flexible and a powerful contracting system that helps decision makers to have full analysis with many cost centers for each project.


Full support for contracting phases

NAMA provides full support for all different contracting phases such as tender specifications and recording all its items and conditions, contracting assays, recording project contract, issuing project extracts as were planned in contracts till issuing final extract. This cycle works simultaneously with the projects of subcontractors included in the main project.

Comprehensive files for contracting elements

NAMA provides an independent file for each contracting element in order to be invoked in the contracting documents. NAMA provides a record for each project, subcontractor , advisory, work area, term category, standard term, contracting condition,..etc. All these information provide the required flexibility to ease the data entry, especially in the periodic documents.

Comprehensive record for each contract

NAMA supports a record for each project contract to enter all its data including the customer, contract start and end date, advisory name, total cost in addition to the contract accounts. NAMA provides also a special tab screen for terms and conditions of the contract, and another tab screen to display the contracts of subcontractors.

NAMA deals with each contract as a subsidiary account; where the project may continue for months  or even years; therefore dealing with contract as a subsidiary account allow launching statement for each contract, and consequently, helps decision maker to have information about the extent of cost and profitability at any time of the project periods.

Monitoring quantities and project extracts  

NAMA monitors project executions via project execution document. Through this document, you can enter the execution percentage for each project term and comparing it with contracted quantity, and then issue the project extracts according to what have been performed.

Flexible system for cost calculation  

The expenses of contracting projects may take many and complex forms, the mater which require a strong and effective costing system. NAMA provides a special file for contracting direct costs. Through this file, you can enter infinite number of costing elements and link them with subcontractors, raw materials, labors, and any other parameter. These costing elements could be used for issuing analysis carts to have full information for the project costs, and consequently, determining the profit margin, and final price for the contracting project. On the other hand, you can divide the project into terms, and divide each term into subsidiary terms in order to monitoring the project cost. You can also record the cost of each term in independent accounts and cost centers  in order to have information for the cost of each term at level of a project or many projects.

Integrated system for subcontractors  

NAMA provides independent documents for subcontractors. You can link the project of subcontractor with a term, many terms, or even the whole project. The projects of subcontractors could be monitored in parallel with the main project so as to have full information for the total cost at any time.

NAMA supports issuing materials for subcontractors and subtracts the raws values from their contract extracts.

on the other hand, the subcontractor may need a pay in advance or any other finance while his work from the contractor in order to achieve some terms. NAMA supports giving the subcontractor many finances in order to achieve his contracts and subtracts these finances from the contract extracts issued for him.

Full simulation for contracting work  

NAMA supports the payment in advance, and deducts a percent of the project extracts from this payment. The system supports the business insurance and get its value back in the project end or after a period of the project end. NAMA can also automatically discounts the insurance, guaranty, and taxes from ordinary and final extracts. On the other hand, the engineering management can record the completion percentage daily or weekly to monitor the project status, where the system monitors the quantities of previous extracts and compares these quantities with the completion percentage to create an extracts by the difference. You can also define a condition or many conditions for each project phase, item or even for the whole project contract. The defined conditions integrate with the project extracts, where the system search for verified conditions and inserts their values automatically with the extracts of the project contract. Furthermore, NAMA allows a permitted percentage for projects. In other words, The system allows contractors to increase the quantities 10% , for example,  more than project contract value so that the contractor defrays any additional expenses that exceed this permitted percentage.

Automated system for calculating Dues

Via contracting condition screen, you can define the payment in advance, insurance, warranty, and any other dues that related to the contract phases, where the calculation method is defined whether by addition or deduction in addition to linking it with the completion percentage, the end of contract, or with the final extract,…etc. You can also define a maximum value for the condition whether by value or percentage with the capability of modifying the condition value in addition to define the accounts and cost centers affected by the condition value. NAMA collects all defined conditions in order to be applied on each extract, or the final extract according to what has been defined in the project contract.

Contracting price list

The contracting prices are atypical. In other words, if the price of a marble slab of dimensions (Meter * Meter) is 400 Riyals for example, it does not mean that the price of dimensions (2 Meter * 2 Meter) is 1600 Riyals, where the prices usually differs according to the length or the area. You can also define minimum length and minimum width for the price, therefore, NAMA provides a contracting price list through which, you can define infinite number of prices according to length, area, volume, and so on.

Monitoring materials and expenses

The contractor usually issues materials for the contracts such as cement, iron,etc. This is in addition to other expenses to be purchased that are not available to the contractor, such as some supplies, transportation costs and any other expenses. Definitely,  these materials and expenses must be charged on the project cost. NAMA supports many documents to charge these expenses on some terms or a specific term of the project. Also you can charge these expenses on analysis terms or budget terms in order to monitor the total costs of a project or terms instantaneously.

Charging Workers’ wages on the project

NAMA allows recording the working hours of the project labors in order to charge their wages on the total project cost. You can record the working hours or the working days of the project labors whether the contractor labors or the subcontractor labors.

Fines system

NAMA supports applying fines system for reasons of delay, damages, etc. Fines could be on the contractor or the subcontractor. in both cases, you can link these fines to one of the project terms or one of the budget term in order to monitor the total cost of each term. later on, you can subtract these terms from the contract extracts issued for the contractor or the subcontractor.

Budgets systems

NAMA supports contracting estimated budgets and contracting execution budgets for any of the project terms. This way, you can monitor the cost deviation of any project term in comparison with the estimated cost.

Quality system

Contracting work may require compliance with specific quality standards so that the business is received from the contractor or sub-contractor only after ensuring that the agreed quality and specifications are met. Therefore, Nama provides several documents to record the conformity of the work with quality standards.



Reports will be designed according to customer desire

List of project contracts within period

Raw material required for project contracts within period

Resources required for project contracts within period

List of projects about to be finish according to finished percentage

Project contract extracts for project(s) within period

Project contract executions for project(s) that have no extracts issued yet

Costs required for a project (According to contract assays, terms sheet, analysis card)

Measurement requests that have no assays document issued yet


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