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Point of sale management system (POS)


Point of sale

Point of sale system is distinguished by an environment that completely different from that environment of Back-office applications; therefore, the development company has to design a flexible, learnable system, and does not allow human mistakes as possible or any deceits from users. in addition to that, POS system should respond in very quickly and cope up with the peak hours in view of the nature of working environment.



Flexibility of use and speed of response

NAMA provides a set of features that lead to issuing invoices in a minimum time, where the system allows temporarily holding an invoice, deleting items, cancelling an invoice, editing prices and discounts according to the authorities given for cashier. NAMA also allows inquiry for any item to have information about price, expiry date, available quantity, …etc; without having to cancelling the current invoice.

In addition to that, user can repeat the previous item via a shortcut key, or inserting it again by negative to delete its effect if the user has no authority to delete it.

Full support for all POS peripherals

NAMA supports all peripherals of POS such as Pole display, keywords, cash drawer, barcode reader, slip printer, and credit card machine; Furthermore, the development company can provide solutions for any modern device may be imposed by market.

Unlimited authorities

NAMA fundamentally has a very powerful system for users authorities, where user may have authority at the level of each field; but POS system as it has a specific nature; the cashiers and POS operators must have special authorities under strict monitoring; therefore, the actions such as editing prices and discounts, cancelling invoices or returning it, cash counting of registers, cash withdrawal, and payment via credit cards should prevented as a default, and any of these actions must require a prior authority for the user. NAMA provides all authorities for these actions to be given to users according to the trust degree granted for each of them. In addition to that, if the user has no authority to do something, he can ask any other employee that has this authority to do it. For example, customer may try to return an invoice or any other action without having the required authority. In this case, the system allows an authorized person to perform this action upon inserting his logging information. If the required user enters his barcode, the action could be performed without having to exchanging the current cashier. This procedure applies on all actions that require authority.

Support different payment types

NAMA supports credit sale, and payment by foreign currency in addition to credit card payment. User can also pay an invoice by many many credit card types. This way, user has a great flexibility in the payment process. In addition to that, NAMA issues the journal entries to discount the banks commissions from the credit card values according to the commission discount of each bank.

Shifts management system and data transfer

NAMA provides a system for the shifts management that works with many machines, in addition to the ability to exchange cashiers in the same shift without affecting on the authority or the collection value for each of them. On the other hand, the transactions of the shift are transferred automatically to the back-office POS module of NAMA upon closing the shift; and consequently, affect on the customers sales, their balances and monitor their credit limits, the statistics of cashiers, salesmen, and any other interested information. The system transfers any changes like new items, new customers or any prices modifications from back-office module of NAMA to the POS automatically without any intervention by users. This data transfer could be scheduled to be done every minute or any time defined by admin. NAMA also allows user to transfer a specific invoice to the back-office without having to wait until closing its shift for any reason.  You can control the way of transferring data such as transferring all invoices related to one customer or salesman into one invoice in the back-office system. Also, you can implement the system to collect POS invoices so that each transferred invoice contains 30 thousands of sold items, for example, or any other configurations required by the customer.

Simple and efficient cash count system

Upon issuing a new invoice, the system updates the balance of cash drawer. While closing the shift, NAMA compares between account and actual balances to display any discrepancies. The shortage of cash drawer could be automatically posted on the cashier account.

Receipts and payments from POS

In addition to issuing the POS invoices, you can pay cash to an employee or a vendor, and receive cash from the debit customers. You can switch to a simple payment or receipt screen via one of POS shortcuts without affecting on the current invoice.

Flexible returns system


NAMA allows returning a POS invoice or some its items according to the cashier authorities. If the cashier has no authority to return invoice, delete some items or perform any other action, an authorized person can simply login to POS and perform the required action. On the other hand, the system allows authorized cashier to issue a replacement invoice to replace some or all the invoice items with calculating the difference value from or to the customer.

Invoices printing as it should be

In addition to supporting all types of slip printers, you can control the form of the printed slip in terms of displaying prices, the enterprise logo, or any other information. You can also define many forms to exchange between them.



Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Registers statement (per currency, locator)

Current open shifts statement

Finished shifts within period per register

POS receipts within period (per cashier, shift, register, customer, vendor)

POS Payments within period (per cashier, shift, register, customer, vendor)

POS sales within period (per shift, item, customer, salesman, cashier, register, cash, debit, credit card)

POS returns within period (per shift, item, customer, salesman, cashier, register, cash, debit, credit card)

Total credit card payments within period (per credit card, bank, customer, cashier)

Tables list (taken and not taken)

Statement of replaced items within period (per shift, period, register, cashier, customer)

POS customers statement

POS items profit within period

Deficit and increase statement within period

POS debit statement

Trial balance for POS customer up to defined date


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