Human Resources

NAMA provides an integrated system for Employees via two dedicated menus named human resources and payroll. NAMA supports the following features:

Fundamental features

  • Organizational structure
    NAMA provides a flexible technique to define the enterprise employees in a hierarchical manner according to departments, sections, and jobs.
  • Comprehensive file for each employee
    NAMA provides a huge file for each employee in order to enter all information including personal info, social info, contact  info, ..etc.
  • Easily adapt to the internal regulations of the companies
    NAMA supports any method of regulation systems for the companies such as attendance information, vacations, and penalties of  these regulations.
  • Adapt business rules by country
    NAMA supports all business rules  applied in Arabic countries. For example, in Gulf countries, NAMA supports sponsorship system, escorts, stays,..and so on; however, supports a taxes system applied in Egypt such as sales tax, income tax according to different tax brackets.
  • Monitoring employees documents
    In addition to Human resources system, NAMA supports a document management to monitor all employee documents such as graduation certificate,  experience certificate, and any other document related to employee in addition to recording any transaction to each document, along with an organizational method to reach to any document at any time.
  • Self-Service system for employee
    NAMA provides the capability for self-service for each employee. In other words, employee can issue a loan request, vacation request, or even view his salary document by himself.
  • Full integration with account system
    NAMA provides many accounts for each employee such as  salary account, loans account, custodies account, and so on; in order to have instantaneous accounting effect for employee documents.




variant types of loans

NAMA provides  defining unlimited number of loans types where you can define a marriage loan, Ramadan loan, surgery loan, ..etc. This classification is useful to determine how does the enterprise deal with the employee loan. For example, the employee could be exempted from the value or a part of value of the surgery loan.

Flexibility to define installment plan with ability to modify it

NAMA provides a flexible method to define a plan for repayment loan in terms of the installments number, value of each installment. NAMA also allows modifying this plan after some repayments and then recalculates the installments number and the installment value.

Monitoring the paid installments and remaining

You can monitor the paid and not paid installments and recognize remaining value. NAMA also provides the ability to link loan installments with employee salary so as to deduct the installment value from salary automatically.

Loan relief

NAMA provides loan relief document to exempt employee from loan value or part of loan value. NAMA also provides holding installments within a defined period and reapplies installments again.



Reports will be designed according to customer desire

List of loans types

List of loans request within period (Initial, Accepted, Rejected)

List of loans within period (initial, current, finished, suspended, exempted, greater than a value)

Totals of loans within period (Paid, not paid, exempted)

List of not paid installments (per employee, date)


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