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Purchases management system



Purchasing process is the first step for any commercial cycle as it is the source of the cost; therefor, NAMA supports an efficient and flexible purchasing system. You can display the statistics of purchases and vendors at any time. You can also, monitor the purchases process and instantaneously have information about the enterprise requirements


Comprehensive file for vendors

NAMA provides a comprehensive record for each vendor containing all information including basic info such as vendor code, name, and department..etc; and contact information such as the vendor address, the policy of returning, replacing, and the contract conditions. NAMA supports also defining up to twenty accounts for each vendor. Via vendor record, you can attach the copies for any number of documents such as agreements and letter of credits in addition to the ability to enter any number of notes.

Comprehensive purchase cycle

NAMA provides all documents required for any purchases cycle. The system supports purchases requests required by vendors, purchase quotations, purchase orders, as well as purchase invoices and purchase returns. You can issue a purchase document based on other document logically such as a purchase invoice based on a purchase quotation, or a purchase return based on a purchase invoice,.. and so. you can also monitor the purchase cycle details from related documents tab screen for purchase invoice or purchase return.

Full support for all payment systems

NAMA supports all payment systems such as cash, credit. You can also apply installment payment system via “Payment Schedule Templates” supported by NAMA in order to pay the goods value via scheduled installments as well as defining the period and value of each installment.

Purchase cost as it should be

NAMA supports charging the purchases by any additional cost; where you can add additional receipt costs and expense items to the purchase invoice. These additional costs such as shipments, customs, and gratuities of workers, ..etc.

Instantaneous statistics for purchases

Via dash board supported by NAMA, you can have instantaneously statistics for the purchases per each item, vendor, branch, ..etc.

Purchase trade agreement

You can define a purchase price per item or vendor via purchase price list supported by NAMA. You can also determine purchase price in the purchase invoices based on purchase quotations defined before. On the other hand, NAMA supports many systems for discounts in the purchases documents; where discount could be defined per vendor or per item taking into account department, item’s category, date,..and so on.

NAMA allows also modifying discounts of the vendors and charge the vendor by the difference of previous and new discounts which is named as post discount which recalculates the inventory cost to reflect the applied discounts. This is a very strong point; where some vendors request from their customers/distributers to magnify the discount of their goods in order to get rid of some items either for the approaching of expiry date or to offer new goods, or any other reasons. This feature also supports the annual target for vendors to reach to specific volume of sale; which in turn help the enterprise to magnify discounts and consequently, maximizing sales.  

Flexible system for enterprise requirements

At any time, you can monitor all items that reached to the order limit or those items that approximately finished at the level of warehouse, department, branch, section, and company. You can also, collect all requests in one purchases request to automatically generate a purchase order.

Purchase authorities

It is a very important to have a strong system for pricing and discounts; where a lot of enterprises require hiding purchases prices and discounts from data entries; consequently, data entry don’t have to enter purchases prices; As the cost of items considered confidential information that should not be viewed by any user. NAMA supports a strong system for purchasing authorities. For example, some items could be limited to be bought via specific branches, departments, sections or employees.

Work flow for purchases cycle

Work flow system of NAMA could be applied in the purchases cycle and any other module. For example, you can restrict purchases invoices by the approval of the direct manager, or approvals of many managers. These approvals could be even per items, where NAMA supports approval for each item according to specific parameters such as quantity, price, and discount.

Full integration with accounts and warehouses

Purchases system has full integration with account system, where purchases documents could be implemented to affect on any accounts including the accounts of vendors, brokers,…etc. You can define the entries that are resultant from purchases documents by any accounting system supported by the enterprise. NAMA also supports accounting effect at the level of each invoice item.

Purchases integrate with the inventory system as stock receipt vouchers could be generated automatically upon saving the purchase invoice; and consequently affecting on inventory quantities, and items costs. Likewise, stock issue vouchers could be automatically generated upon saving the purchases returns. NAMA supports receiving items in many warehouses upon issuing a purchase invoice, and also issuing items from many warehouses upon issuing purchase return.


Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Purchases and returns movement statement

Purchase Orders Details

Purchases documentary flow

Suppliers Statement

Purchase Price Lists Statement within period

Payment Schedule Templates Statement

Purchase Requests Statement within period

Consolidated Purchase Requests Statement within period

Purchase Quotation Requests Statement within period

Purchase Quotations Statement within period

Purchase Orders Statement within period

Purchase Invoices Statement within period

Purchase Returns Statement within period


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