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Banks & commercial papers


Bank transactions

NAMA for banks system supports all banking transactions and the commercial papers such as cheques and bills of exchange. NAMA supports all transactions of the commercial papers such as issuing, receiving papers, collecting them, attaching papers in receipt and payment vouchers, inserting them in a bank portfolio, and monitoring their status with the capability of canceling them before collection. NAMA supports an effective systems for bank reconciliation, letters of guarantee, and bank transfers.


Comprehensive files for banking system

NAMA provides comprehensive files to record the following data:

  • Infinite number of banks with detailed information for each one.
  • Bank accounts with six accounts for each bank account. These accounts could be reached to 21 accounts for each bank accounts record.
  • Commercial papers (Received, Issued) with detailed information for each paper.

Documentary cycle to simulate commercial cycle

Initially, when transferring from a manual system, you can record all your commercial papers with the current status for each one (Issued, Received, in a bank portfolio, endorsed….), and then handling them via system documents until collecting or cancelling. You can attach any of received papers in a bank portfolio and track its status via the bank notice document, where it can be collected, rejected or cancelled with recording the cancel method such as replacing it by another paper or journal entry or receipt document.

Full integration with receipt and payment vouchers

You can pay the payment and receipt vouchers via the commercial papers (cheques or bills of exchange). With receipt and payment vouchers, you can pay a sales invoice and a purchase invoice by one or many commercial papers. This can be done via financial papers tab screen in the payment or receipt vouchers taking into consideration all commonly paying methods such as endorsing a received document in a payment vouchers.

Bank Reconconciliations

Via bank reconciliation system, you can compare between bank statement and the enterprise statement in order to reconcile the balances in both statements. Bank reconciliation system is an effective tool to match the accounts of bank and enterprise in a simple way for users, where you can import an electronic file for bank statement to be compared with the enterprise statement. The matching process could be done manually or automatically according to the matching rules that are previously defined by the enterprise such as the allowed difference in date, amounts, and the number of matched letters in order to reach to a final reconciliation accurately.

Letter of guarantee

NAMA provides an effective system for received and issued letter of guarantee with detailed information for all transactions of each letter. NAMA supports all types of guarantee such as primary, finally, paid in advance and maintenance letter of guarantee. NAMA supports also letter of guarantee either fully or partially covered in addition to the capability of increasing the guarantee value and partially or fully liquidating for the guarantee value.

Bank transfers

NAMA supports separating the bank transactions from entry, receipt, and payment vouchers. You can use bank transfer documents to deposit the employees’ salaries or transfer cash from bank to another and so on.


Reports will be designed according to customer desire

Cheques List within period

Receivable and payable statement within period

Cheques Under Collection Statement within period

Letters Of Guarantee Statement within period

Bank notes statement within period

Bank notes statement within period (per note type)

Bank transfers statement within period (per bank)

Bank deposits statement within period (per bank)

Bank reconciliations statement within period (per bank)

Deviation percentage from bank reconciliation


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