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who are we

We are one of the successful partners of Capriole Construction Group Companies, which has established history in Egypt and the Arab world over the past years, with the determination to provide the best of our specifications and quality of the world based on the latest technological means and the best skilled and trained, highly experienced manpower in the field.

The Vision

To remain at the forefront of the production and manufacture of concrete products and the highest quality standards adopted in the Arab Republic of Egypt and a clear vision that allows us to:
understand the needs of our customers
continue to be distinguished and creative
offer a high-quality service strategy
build a strong relationship and a strong partnership with all our clients

the message

Egy Create is committed to the quality standards and the standards applicable locally and internationally to the manufacture of concrete products

satisfy and meet the needs of all products users

It is our firm belief that the process of the development of our products is related to our human resources and the use of the latest technologies

Egy Create believes fully that the provision of material and scientific support and new innovative ideas to meet the future using modern building materials


become one of the largest companies contributing to the construction solutions in Egypt and build confidence in the Egyptian industry by following the highest standards and standards in that industry

reach all clients, consultants, companies, and institutions working in the field of consulting, construction, establishments, and beautification of cities

maintain the increase in the share of the company in the markets in which its products are displayed through high quality and the support of expertise and latest technologies

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