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Arab Security Gulf

Arab Security was founded in 2007 by three young Egyptian in Kuwait who chose the name “Arab Security” for their company, the certainty that the element of safety starts from Arabs. And also the Arabs deserve all the safety and security for their life.They have taken a pledge to themselves that we will deliver all technology that makes life safer and more secure for everyone, everywhere, and every organization around the world. Arab Security start their journey with offering security systems services such as surveillance cameras, safety assessment services and time attendance solutions. They adopted at the outset that the quality will be a key element in their products.A few months after its launch Arab Security served many customers in all fields of business from small retailers to large corporations. And start planning to expand their portfolio by adding a new sectors from the security systems to include the alarm system and security barriers and another products. After achieving the overwhelming success achieved in its first branch, it began to open branches in other countries. It took a second branch in Egypt, a third in Saudi Arabia and another in the UAE. It is still maintaining its performance to make every effort to spread security and safety in all countries.Ten years after its launch, the company’s name was changed from Arab Security to be Arab Security Gulf to reflect the company’s expansion. Which the company is seeking at this stage.