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Al Arfaj Commercial & Imports Company was established as a Saudi national company in Riyadh, the official regional capital of Saudi Arabia in the year 1970. The  company is presently headed by its chairman  Mr. Essam Al Arfaj s/o the late founder of the entity Sheik Mohammed Bin Ahmed Al Arfaj.

The company’s first branch was established in Jeddah, the main terminal on the Red Sea and the   entrance port to the Western region of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and place of the two Holy shrines of Islam to which  millions of Muslims do come  yearly to perform Hajj and Umrah rituals and/or just to pay a visit to Makkah and Madinah on a regular basis.

Recently, a new trading branch, under the name of “Essam Al Arfaj General Trading Est.” was opened in Dubai,  United Arab Emirates.

Al Arfaj cic started business activity as an established Saudi national entity on 15 July, 1970. Its main   activity was to practice trading and imports within the following areas:

  • Textiles, all kinds of  men / women garments ( wool, silk, synthetic) run as a Commission Agency Business.
  • Curtains& upholstery textile,  general imports.
  • Blankets
  • Ready-made cloth for men, women and kids.
  • Carpets and moquette.
  • Investments / Stock dealings and transaction.

The company is considered one of the first leading commission agents in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It enjoys a highly and very good reputation for most, if not all, of the deals and services it managed to offer so far.

Due to extended range of activity in the local market, and in view of the exceptional reputation it gained over the years, the company started to diversify its resources to the point that  we see  today.

Al Arfaj Company branches cover now all parts and regions of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

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