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Established 1978, as a result of our passion in automotive workshop equipment, we decided to supply our Egyptian market with the best brands in this industry. The brands we’ve chosen for our clients are premium brands worldwide known for both: “Quality and Service.’’ El Bassiouni, with its business partners, offer an industry-specific experience in combining business process knowledge and technology, through flexible options from premium suppliers. This lets clients make better use of resources, be more productive, and innovate to differentiate and capture new value. With a service standard that suited the needs of the corporate clients, El Bassiouni was all set to become one of the leading companies in its field in Egypt.

Our profession is about changing the way your clients operate and reduce costs, service their clients better, minimize risks, and improve their speed and agility in the marketplace. Through its emphasis on customer-oriented service, the company soon emerged to be a leading player in the market, taking on some of the biggest corporate clients in Egypt supplying and best solutions through latest technology. The company’s status change has taken no effect on its client service policy. The company continues to serve each client as if they were the first and only client. We are committed to continuously improve the quality of our products and services for our client with latest workshop trends, equipment and techniques. What has always set us apart is the vision of its management, which allowed the company to provide services which surpassed those provided by competition. “Pioneers in the designing workshops with AutoCAD, 3-D or video motion software.”

The company’s success and continuation of regular growth was the result of our hard work and our faithfulness in dealing both with our suppliers or our customers.

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