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A leading company in the field of business development and consulting and works to provide integrated services to its clients, starting from the establishment of companies, auditing services, taxes, financial and administrative advice, and training through a team of experts in all fields to reach the client to the top of performance, reduce costs and maximize profitability, all in accordance with the scientific method that you follow in a manner Manage it

Egyptian CPEs is an audit, accounting, tax, and financial advisory firm. The company specializes in financial consulting in the field of financial and administrative business development, meaning setting a framework for financial and administrative work within the facility so that the decision-maker can measure in time at the appropriate cost so that the facility can advance. The company has clients in the medical field, hospitals and contracting, then service and commercial companies, but the company’s advantages are usually in the medical sector and contracting, and this is because these two sectors need a large degree of specialization.

Egyptian CPEs is one of the agents of Namasoft in Egypt and Jordan, as it has clients for the Namasoft system in Egypt, Jordan, and the Emirates.