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About Us:

Black Box Company was established in 2001 to provide customers with a complete shopping experience for consumer electronics and home appliances.

Black Box offers world-leading brands and supplies a comprehensive product portfolio including TVs, audio systems, computers, mobile phones, IT connections, home appliances, and personal care products

Also, Black Box Company allows its customers to shop through the company’s website to maintain its excellence by offering competitive offers and direct technical support to our customers in advanced payment methods

The product range is supported by comprehensive after-sales services such as warranty, air-conditioning installation, telephone remote assistance (14 hours) per day (6 days) weekly

Our vision:

Black Box is a national company and it looks forward to being the preferred choice for customers and employees to maximize value and achieve sustainable development. It is aware that it can only achieve this by forming an effective team that takes responsibility for achieving the company’s objectives in the near and long term. Requires an effective HR system that begins by selecting suitable candidates to work in vacancies that suit their qualifications and abilities and match their aspirations.

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Our flow is so balanced that we don’t expedite material anymore. The change was so quick and dramatic that one of our larger suppliers made a special trip to see us. Because suddenly we had stopped our constant expediting and emergency shipments, they thought we had engaged another supplier, even though we were buying as much or more from them as we ever had.”