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NEW GUI For Namasoft

Enhancing the user interface (GUI) for the Nemasoft system

When dealing with business management systems, graphical user interfaces (GUI) are one of the most important elements that affect the user experience. Windows, buttons, menus, icons, colors, and fonts are all essential parts of user interface design.

With the increasing use of tablet devices such as mobile phones and tablets, it has become necessary for user interfaces to be compatible with these devices. This means that developers need to develop designs that fit the different touch screens and dimensions of tablets.

What are the most important characteristics that must be available?

Before we go over some of the features of the new interface, let’s take an overview of what could be involved in developing tablet-compatible window skins:

  • Flexible design: Windows should be adaptable to different screen sizes and dimensions.
  • More streamlined: Windows should be easy to use, respond smoothly to touch, and easily zoom in and out of items
  • Performance optimization: The app should be fast and efficient on tablets.

Namasoft added many capabilities and features to the new interface, making the interface for using Namasoft systems commensurate with the abundant business management capabilities that characterize the Namasoft system. Below we will review some of the features of the new user interface:

  • The system’s themes can be modified, in addition to controlling the shapes, sizes, and colors of the fonts. These shapes can be changed on an individual user level easily without consulting the system settings.
  • The system menus and windows are displayed in a vertical, side-to-side format so that they are more compatible with tablet devices.
  • The system’s search mechanism has been developed more comprehensively. For example, you can search for the word sales and the system will bring up all the windows that contain this word, such as in all the different lists, with an explanation of how many times it was mentioned in each list interactively with the user.
  • The system now reacts more to user errors by marking all the necessary fields that have not been completed and showing an explanation for each error when the mouse hovers over one of these fields.
  • Export window tables to Excel.
  • You can now move and rearrange the columns of screen tables.
  • One or some of the columns can be frozen so that they remain fixed when viewing other columns.
  • You can also control whether to hide and show columns depending on usage.
  • The filter tool can be used to show specific data. An example of this is classes that contain a specific word.
  • The document window header and full screen can be hidden with the document table for easy handling.
  • A window can be opened at line level when working with tables, which is a more convenient mode for tablets.
  • Icons have been provided as tools for deleting, adding, copying, and moving between lines, in addition to specifying the number of lines that can be viewed on each page.
  • It is possible to group (Group) at the level of the lines of the document, such as grouping based on the item code, so all similar codes are recalled so that they are in successive lines.

Namasoft has maintained the users’ tastes and comfort, as any of the users can continue to deal with the previous user interface without affecting the rest of the users. That is, using the new user interface depends on the desire of each user.