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al-sheik Mesa’ad Ibn Abdallah Al Rajhi founded Al Rajhi for Development and Real Estate Investments 15 years ago to provide residential products and high-quality real estate services only in the regional and Saudi real estate market. The board has set hard goals and long-term strategies while developing its real estate and providing its services and made the interests of the clients the basis of their work and projects. Based on that, strict rules related to quality and client satisfaction, as well, were set up and that was by offering high quality and reasonable prices.

The board has made a message, vision, and principles that target the needs of the real estate market in the short term and match the continuous progress in the long upcoming years, the economic and real estate transformation in the regional market. All of them take into consideration the development in the minds of the clients and their needs for residential units with prestigious designs, high quality, and reasonable prices.

The message

Achieve entrepreneurship in the real estate market by providing high-quality and solid designs in residential and specialized real estate. Present our work in an innovative, flexible, and creative form.

The vision

Be the most distinctive real estate developer in the area, and provide residential units and real estates with creative designs that contribute to forming better investing chances.

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