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Does NAMA provide a management system for enterprise vehicles with recording all its data?

Yes, NAMA monitors all enterprise cars, where you can define each car via a specific file and determine whether this car is owned or rented as well as chassis number, color, model, consumed kilometers for each car,…etc. you can monitor all procedures performed for each car such as License Renewal, Maintenance, accidents, traffic violations. NAMA also allows charging the cost – or percentage of cost – for the traffic violation on the responsible as well as deducting this value from his salary.

Does NAMA ERP provide a transportation system for employees?

Yes, NAMA supports defining variant plans to transport employees taking into consideration the dates of ride and get off for each employee.

Does NAMA provide a management system for employee’s meals?

Yes, NAMA allows multiple meals types for employees and workers. These meals vary in terms of the position of each employee and the meal time. You can create meals plans according to attendance and leaving times. You can also define cash allowance in case of dispense with the meal.

Does NAMA ERP support simple equations to calculate the salaries components that may be modified to adapt the actual work?

Yes, NAMA provides a flexible method to define variable salary components regardless the level of their complexity without having to define scenarios that require technical information like programming language.

Does NAMA support loans for employee and installment systems?

Yes, NAMA provides a flexible method to define plans for repayment a loan in terms of the installments number, and the value of each installment. NAMA also allows modifying this plan after some payments and then recalculates the installments number and the installment value. You can monitor the paid and not paid installments and recognize remaining value. NAMA also provides the ability to link loan installments with the employee salary so as to deduct the installment value from the salary automatically.

NAMA provides loan relief document to exempt the employee from loan value or part of loan value. NAMA also provides stopping installments within a defined period and reapplying installments again.

Does NAMA support variable shift plans that may be exchanged between employees?

Yes, NAMA supports defining variable shift plans that differ periodically according to the work nature. For example, user can define switched shift plans for workers so as to alternate their working hours daily, weekly, or monthly with the capability of defining exception shift plans inside their shifts to adapt the work nature. The employee salaries could be affected by their attendance.

Are there attendance systems for many shifts in NAMA ERP?

Yes, NAMA provides a flexible method to define attendance plans according to the work nature. For example, you can define many shift plans for management employees, factory workers, workers of nigh shift,  ..etc.

Does NAMA provide a system for job offers?

Yes, NAMA provides sending job offers for accepted applicants, and apologies for rejected applicants automatically via e-mail system.

Does NAMA provide a system for testing applicants, evaluating them?

Yes, NAMA provides many documents to monitor applicants from job request to acceptance or rejection such as the documents of vacancies, tests, tests results, and work starting.