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Does NAMA ERP provide a flexible system for user’s authorities?

Yes, NAMA supports a very flexible system for user’s authorities at level of the following:

  • Targeted Employees

You can define authority at the level of each employee, department, branch, or the job such as sales manager for example.

  • Authority Area

You can define the authority at the level of screens. For example, customer screen may by authorized for only sales managers. Authority also, could be defined at the level of records. For example, some inventory items may be viewed by specific users only. Finally, you can apply authority at the level of fields such as providing authority to view “Standard Cost” field for only specific users.

  • Authority Type

NAMA provides several types of authorities, such as view, addition, editing, and deleting authority. For example, you can allocate the view of some records to some users; however, the addition and editing authorities of inventory items may be allocated to some other users. Also, at the level of fields, you can customize the “average cost” field, for instance, to be viewed for some users and hidden for the others.

  • Conditional Authority

You can define conditional authority at any level of complexity. For example, you can limit selling below cost for only some users, or invoices that exceeds 50,000 Riyal only for sales manager.